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Are you looking for experienced augmented reality developers to give your project or marketing campaign another dimension? We work with apps and the WebAR technology to create all kinds of experiences.
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Augmented reality is a great opportunity to make your presentations, products and campaigns stand out. Our AR agency will cover everything from a concept to launch.
web ar development
WebAR World effects
World effects created with the WebAR technology give you a great chance to present your products in an unprecedentedly attractive form. To access your AR, users only need a mobile browser.
The animated models will show up in the client's environment. Various types of interactions, sounds and movements are available.
We can prompt users to share the experience, or redirect them to your eshop or website.
augmented reality portals
Portals open up new worlds for your target audience. Your customers will get to move around and explore the new environment.
This portal exploration promotes your product or brand, of course! Our AR development agency will help you design the AR experience and to deliver it to the target group.
Users just need to point their phone at the marker and the portal opens!
ar image tracking
Image trackers
An image based AR experience recognizes a picture - your logo or packaging, for example - and shows additional content that "sticks" to the picture..
The additional content can be anything you can imagine - from a video to animated objects.
This is a great way to deliver bonus content to your product in an interactive way.
ar mini games
Mini Games
Creating a mini game is a great way to build a stronger connection with your customers. Entertain them and send them on a fun quest intertwined with your product.
Let your users compete with their friends, share the experience, and get your AR mini game viral!
ar face effects
Face filters
This simple AR experience can be so much fun! Let your customers take selfies with AR filters branded with your product or service.
A filter-based AR campaign is great for sharing and promoting your product on social media and via word of mouth.
Our AR agency will help you with both the design and execution!

AR development references

We have delivered several AR and VR campaigns, projects and apps. Take a look at some of our work!

ar campaign reference
The Addams Family
Augmented Reality Experience
Our team created this AR experience for many people who have bought or will buy a DVD of the new Addams Family movie. Watch "The Thing" jump out of the DVD cover and do a dance for you!
ar game portfolio
The Foam Eaters 2
AR Game
We developed this game for a major European soda company. Scan a glass of the Kofola drink and a Foam Eater jumps out. Can you catch him before he escapes?
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Just a few examples
AR campaigns possibilities

Promote your product

Let's create an augmented reality campaign that delivers your product straight to the homes of your target audience!

Get shared with filters

We can create AR filters for Messenger and Instagram. They are simple but fun and people simply love sharing their selfies!

Be a love brand

Offer your customers an AR mini game and more fun content to build a strong connection with them.

Get noticed

AR is so much more powerful than a simple website. Augmented reality is a great way to make your campaign truly stand out!

Beautiful presentations

Do you want to spice up your presentations a bit? Go for AR! Why not deliver immersive videos and animations instead of charts and pictures?

Interactive content

Give your clients more than just the product! Let them scan it to open up new worlds or trigger fun experiences.
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FAQ Augmented Reality Development
How does augmented reality work?
AR brings virtual elements to a real environment. You can display virtual objects, animations and videos with your phone.
Do users need to download a special app?
Not anymore! WebAR enables AR experiences via classic mobile browsers. Your AR experience can be started simply by entering a link or scanning a QR code or a specific image.
How long does the AR development take?
It depends on the complexity of the experience and virtual models but the general range is from weeks to a month or two.
Can you help us come up with a concept?
Absolutely! Our AR designers and developers will help you create a fun concept that perfectly fits in your overarching campaign.
Do you take care of the hosting and delivery?
Of course, we will set up and maintain the whole infrastructure needed for delivering your AR experiences to the target audience.