Bringing your ideas into the digital world

We develop mobile and web apps, games, apps for virtual and augmented reality and other software. We love our job and users love our products. You can find us in London, Amsterdam and Prague.
What we do

We plan, create and grow digital products. We help our clients succeed by delivering products that improve life, work and play. We love finding simple solutions to complex challenges and place a strong emphasis on craft in every detail from design to code.

We bring first-class competence and extensive software development experience to the table. Based in Prague, we capitalise on the enormous amount of amazing technical talent Czechia is renowned for.

We are proudly working European-wide. We can get our designers and developers to your conference room in just a few hours, should the circumstances require it. Just ask our happy clients from the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Italy or Switzerland.

We help you constantly annoy the competition with your brilliant digital success. Every solution we design is thoroughly tailored to the specifics of your project. Our straightforward workflow ensures that you will see your goals met.

We cherish and cultivate long-term partnerships with our results-driven mindset and business-first approach. Our mission is to become your favourite tech partners and see you exceed all your business objectives in the long run.

The team

The team

Filip Háša
Chief Executive Officer
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Michal Vávra
Chief Technical Officer
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Dominik Bura
Chief Design Officer
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Ondřej Cajthaml
Lead Developer
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Ondřej Kohel
Lead Visual Designer
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Lukáš Kraft
Lead Front-end Developer
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and 20 other members.
We have successfully launched more than 100 projects & products in 8 countries.


Pixelfield’s fundamental values are curiosity, openness, and respect.
Our agile problem-solving routine, fuelled by the boundless curiosity and passion for innovations we possess, enables us to create progressive technologies which can liberate and continually amplify human capital.
We cultivate the harmonious coexistence of humankind and the latest technologies. Despite being driven by the urge to progress, our innovative projects always honour the principles of an individual’s autonomy, long-lasting sustainability, and the common good.
We construct the interlink between utility and delight. Our design is deliberate and aware and arouses emotional reactions - it is a way of observing a problem from all possible points of view to ensure that the final product perfectly fits its context.
We contribute to responsible developments in the field of automation and artificial intelligence. We actively nourish the debate on the future of work and the consequences for everyday lives not only with our products but also through our educational activities.
By virtue of transparency and direct communication, we establish strong partnerships built on mutual trust and conjoint progress, which leads to the fulfilment of both the client’s goals and the needs and wants of our products’ end users.